Renovating an old warehouse for use as a wedding venue

It seems like every time you turn around, there’s another wedding trend popping up. Right now, revamped warehouses are one of the major wedding trends brides are in love with. Renovating a warehouse and turning it into a wedding venue gives you the chance to have a totally unique wedding day. Here’s what to keep in mind when choosing this type of venue.

Characteristics of Warehouse Wedding Venues

Not really sure what to expect at your wedding venue? Many warehouses-turned-event-halls have similar characteristics, including:

• Exposed brick walls.
• Ceiling structures that are exposed.
• Concrete or wooden floors.
• An open floor plan.
• High ceilings.
• A rich industrial history.

Warehouse weddings can be creative, inspiring and interesting with the right staging and decor. If you like minimalism, are willing to take a DIY approach to your wedding or enjoy playing around with interesting lighting and decor, this may be the perfect wedding trend for you.

Benefits of Warehouse Wedding Venues

There are so many perks to having your wedding in a converted warehouse:

• The building may have a rich history, which will only add to your wedding day story.

• The open floor plan gives you a lot of flexibility when it comes to laying out the furniture.

• The simplistic, timeless style of the warehouse means you can dress it up with any sort of decor you want.

• A neutral color palette will pair well with any theme or color scheme.

• Warehouses tend to have fewer restrictions than regular event spaces, which means you can really plan the wedding you’ve been dreaming of.

• The venue will provide a unique and unexpected experience for all of your guests.

• Practically any budget can afford a warehouse for a wedding venue.

Get Rid of the Junk

If the warehouse you’re renting hasn’t already been setup to host a party, you may have to do a lot of cleanup. Luckily, if you can recruit some pals and find affordable charlotte dumpster rental , you’ll be surprised at how quickly you can clean up the space. Consider keeping some elements that may make for great photos. For example, an out-of-the-way pile of bricks may look great with your fancy wedding shoes on top of them. While you’re cleaning up the place, you may want to dust, and then return a few more times to dust before the wedding. Old spaces, like warehouses, tend to get very dusty.

Wedding Photography Considerations

Before and after you cleanup the space, consider asking your wedding photographer to check out the venue with you. He may have some suggestions about what to keep to be used as props in photos or how to setup the ceremony and reception areas so he can get the best shots possible.

Throwing a party in a hip, underground space isn’t new, but using an old warehouse as a wedding venue is relatively new. Not only can warehouses be made elegant for black tie affairs, but they also provide tons of interesting photo ops!